0. The Start of a New Story

A man in a posh suit walks up to a podium, and addresses his audience.

“Have you ever asked yourself, 

‘If my life was a story, what would it be about?’ 

‘Is it an exciting, heart-pounding tale with many ups and downs?’

‘Is it a terrible, heart-wrenching tragedy?’

‘Am I an amazing hero? Or am I a terrible villain?’

That being said, many of us cannot answer those questions. There are so many variables in life that can change the outcome of a story, and it becomes more complicated when you take into account your readers.

‘Who will read your story?’

‘What will they think?’

‘What will it mean to them?’

Honestly, there’s no way for us to tell. After all, the stories of our lives are being written as we live, is it not? 

‘But what if there was a way?’

‘A way to create your story.’

‘To share it with others.’

‘To listen to their stories.’

‘And perhaps… to experience them yourself.’

That’s what we’ve done, see? We’ve made a place to build stories. To find stories. To share stories. Our goal is to end up with something that won’t only go down in history, but rewrite it. Something that will collect a countless amount of stories and transform it into something new, and we’re calling it…

Myriad Myths.”

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