19. Mix It Up!

    Without another word Q skipped up to the podium and grabbed hold of the floating book. “Uh, sign me up please!” 

You have obtained a Grimoire: [Runic Mysteries]
Notice: You are about to change class into Rune Meister. Do you wish to continue?
(Note that the grimoire will not be consumed from being used to obtain the class)

    “Whoa Q, are you sure about that?” Kukis raised an eyebrow. “You don’t normally go for the support classes do you?”

    “While that’s true, it’s also fun to mix things up every once in a while. Besides, you saw how the Rune Knight fought and that looked like anything but a support! I accept!” The pages of the grimoire flew open and Q felt a mass of information rush through her mind all at once. The information included the fundamentals of Runes, the different effects they can produce, and how to use them. Q remained in this state for a solid ten seconds before finally coming to herself.

You have successfully changed class into Rune Meister!
As a rune meister you investigate the mysterious powers contained in runes, and use them both inside and outside of battle. Collect runes, and increase your power!
Skills Learned: [Draw Rune], [Rune Mastery], [Synergy], [Analyze]
Favored Stats: AP & SL (Obtain extra stat points when distributing points into these stats)

Class change options: [Rune Knight], [Rune Scribe], [Rune Magus]

    “…I know kung-fu.”

    “…” Kukis didn’t even feel like putting in the effort to retort and instead asked, “So, what did you get from it?”

    “A new class obviously.” Q rolled her eyes. “Anyone else want to be a Rune Meister?” Seeing Aeryn and Verne raise their hands Q tossed the book over to them while she checked her own stats.

Q – Level 15

Myth: The Brightest Light

Class: Rune Meister

Professions: Tailor

    Health: 325/325

    Spirit: 198/198

STR: 35

CON: 30

DEX: 45

AP✦: 48

SL✦: 46


|| Dagger Mastery Lv.2 || Throwing Mastery Lv.2 || Staff Mastery Lv. 4 || Unarmed Mastery Lv.2 || Arcane Mastery Lv.2 || Rune Mastery Lv.1 || 

|| Free Movement Lv.2 || Vigorous Lv.2 || Detect Trap Lv.1 || Deflect Lv.1 || Draw Rune Lv.1 || Synergy Lv. || Analyze Lv.1 ||


|| Spark Lv.4 || Ember Lv.1 ||

|| Gathering Storm Lv.3 || Rising Storm Lv.3 || Stormbird’s Flight Lv.2 || 


|| Strike || Barrier || Self ||

|| Fire || Water || Wind || Earth || Light || Dark ||

    “Aw man this is awesome! I finally feel like I’m a proper player now.” Q grinned after looking at her new status page. “Say Cookie, you better be saving up those points because it seems like getting a new class gives you bonuses in certain stats.”

    “Unlike you I’ve already done my research,” Kukis rolled her eyes, “and I learned about that beforehand. That’s what it means to be a smart player, Q.”

    “Ugh, you’re sounding like Helen. Watching her min-max makes me want to create weird builds out of spite.”

    “First off, it’s a perfectly fun and viable way to play a game. Secondly… how is she lately?”

    “She’s been fine, as lively as ever. Actually even more so since she learned she could play Myriad Myths.” 

    “…Wait, what!?” Kukis exclaimed. “You didn’t think it was important to share that kind of information? Do you know how big that is for her? If she can actually walk then…”

    “Of course I know,” Q wore a serious face for once, “and it’s because I know that I’m giving her some alone time. You know as much as I do how much she hates to be seen when she’s weak. The reason I’m still here and not at the hospital is to let her adjust her emotions, because you know for sure she would have cried by being given the chance to dance again.”

    “I really can’t understand you two. When you should be supporting each other in emotional turmoil you just distance yourselves from everyone else, get over it, and then come back like nothing ever happened.”

“That’s just how we be Cookie.” Q grinned. “She’s a strong girl, and I trust her. In fact, I bet that right now she’s already in the game, finished the tutorial, and is power-leveling to prepare for the inevitable sibling showdown later on…”

    “Yeah, that’s so like her.” 

    “…but she’s definitely going to cry, so I plan on bringing some donuts on my next visit. Want to come with?”

    “That’s so like you…” Kukis whispered. The Aden siblings were a weird pair for sure, but their unconditional love and support for each other were part of the reason why she liked them so much. 

    While the two of them were talking the rest of the party finished up with getting their new class or looking over their battle rewards. With everything solved they approached Q and Kukis. 

    “Wow this stuff’s real fancy!” Melun bounced excitedly. “Check me out!” 

    Melun stuck out her index finger and a light appeared on the tip. She then traced a pattern in the air and drew the rune for Wind, then surrounded it with a Strike formation. Upon completing this, a blast of air shot out. Despite the effort that Melun put into drawing, it seemed wobbly and ready to fall apart any second.

    “Darn, sure is hard to get straight lines…” Melun tried making another set of runes which resulted in a similar wobbly blast of air.

    “Straight lines huh…” Q suddenly brought out a stack of the triangular leaves and traced out a perfectly straight Strike formation using it. She then finished it with a Fire rune, and activated it. A small ball of fire was shot out in a perfectly straight line, and Q grinned at the result. The leaf burnt away after being used but that didn’t bother Q at all as there was an abundance of similar leaves in the area.

    “Looks like those leaves I picked up aren’t useless after all!” She threw Melun and Verne a stack of leaves each and began practicing her rune drawing skills. 

    The party then left the dungeon together and headed back to town. By the time they reached the outskirts the sun was already setting, and upon entering the town they said their goodbyes and separated. Q was slightly concerned for Leslee who was staggering towards an inn, but she added him on her friend list beforehand so she could always contact him if needed. In the end only Q and Kukis were left at the town outskirts.

    Q stretched out her body and rested her arms behind her head. “So… I’m going to call it here for the day. I can’t believe I actually spent an entire day just playing this game.” 

    “I feel you there. It hardly feels like a game while we’re playing… Actually, I’m a little surprised that you ended up playing, with what happened during the ‘incident’.”

    “I’m moving on from that Cookie. I can’t stay locked in the past forever… and besides, when have I not charged in headfirst like an idiot?”

    “The fact that you’re admitting it yourself…”

    “-makes me cool! I know. Anyway if you’re still up to joining me for visiting Helen tomorrow just send me a text. After that I’ll log in at three to join Sunflower. See you later Cookie!” A bright light surrounded Q’s body as she logged out of the game. 

    “Hmm… I wonder what I should bring Helen tomorrow.” Kukis pondered.


    The next morning Simon went about doing his daily stretches before eating breakfast and checking up on recent news. As expected almost all of the places he usually checked were going on and on about Myriad Mythologies. News channels would interview people who worked on the game, tech reviewers were going bananas over the game pods, and let’s play channels were quickly moving to start recording their own adventures in game. 

    “I expected nothing less than this.” Simon fully acknowledged the whole Myriad Myths craze that was currently sweeping through the world. “This trend isn’t stopping any time soon!”

    Simon finished up his morning schedule, and just before he headed out he received a text message from someone.

    I’m outside.

    Rolling his eyes Simon got up and opened his front door. “Did you know? There’s this thing. It’s a really cool thing called a doorbell.”

    “Just let me in already.” A short girl brushed by Simon and placed a bulging bag on his couch. “This stuff was super heavy.”

    “Don’t tell me you brought your entire chemistry set again.” 

    “No, I didn’t. It’s mainly water… and some minerals… and some tools to mix them properly…” The girl lost her momentum as she continued, seemingly intimidated by Simon’s stony face. “Okay no, listen! This is why I brought it here first, so I can mix it and you carry it after!”

    “…Diana, I swear if you make a big mess like last time-”

“I won’t! Nothing here is reactive, it’ll be fine!”

Sighing, Simon relented and looked over the short girl who was busy pulling all sorts of liquids and apparatuses out of her bag. 

After seeing her in game avatar, the differences to her real life self were all the more clear. Kukis, or rather Diana, was much shorter than Simon with the top of her head just barely reaching his chest. She was also very thin and weak-looking, though the firm look in her clear blue eyes insisted she was anything but weak. Her long, dull black hair bobbed about as she grabbed various jars and vials and struggled to keep them in her arms as she moved them onto a table. 

“Let me help.” Simon blurted out, seeing as one of the jars was about to fall onto the floor. Not rejecting his offer, Diana began handing the items over to Simon, which led to him carrying a pile of his own. With a bit of difficulty they managed to transfer all of the things in her bag onto the kitchen table, which now looked like a complete mess. “You know, this would have been much easier if you just put your bag on the table.”

“Shush. Science is being done. Now just give me a moment, I won’t take long.” Diana then seemed to completely shut herself off from the rest of the world as she focused on adding various substances to the water she brought with her.

“You might not take long, but cleanup definitely will…” Simon sighed again and mentally prepared himself for the cleaning that was to come. For a while he simply watched Diana seriously mixing the powders with a long spoon-like object, then shrugged his shoulders and began tidying up whatever she was done using.

Despite her laser-focus on what she was doing, Diana immediately noticed Simon moving her things. Without taking her eyes off the water she said, “No soap.”

“Yup.” Simon grabbed another item.

“Warm water for that one.”


“Cold water. Use a cloth.”

“Yes ma’am.”

In this fashion, Diana finished mixing her mysterious drink after five minutes. At the same time Simon was also finishing up cleaning the last of her apparatuses and had packed them neatly away in her bag. Simon then took out a thermos and handed it to Diana. “Use this. If Helen sees the swirling chaos within that liquid she will absolutely refuse to drink it.”

“Can’t. That one’s metal.”

“You said they were non-reactive!”

“They were non-reactive.”

Simon took out a plastic thermos with a deadpan expression, and just before pouring the liquid in he took a sip of it for himself. The texture vaguely reminded him of those powder proteins mixed into water, but the taste was… beyond words. His face scrunched up in an expression that even he couldn’t describe, and at that moment Diana snatched the bottle away from him.

“These were mixed for Helen, not you.”

“…If they were mixed for me would the taste be any different?”


“Haaa… Come on, let’s get going.” Simon shouldered Diana’s bag and headed to the garage. “Now the question is: do you want a sidecar or the backseat?”

“Really? You’re biking? Can’t we just take your parents car?”

“Nope. I haven’t done my daily run yet, and this is going to substitute it.”

“Then… the backseat.” Diana eventually settled on the option that would lower the chances of people mistaking her for a child. Without further ado, the two of them set off for the hospital.


    Simon wiped off a thin layer of sweat that was starting to form as he locked up his bike. He picked up a box of donuts he grabbed along the way, and his eyes scanned the hospital building which seemed to be slightly quieter than usual. “Now where’d everyone go…? There should be a few people in the courtyard at least…”

    “No point in standing around here. Let’s go in.” Diana started to head into the doors, but was stopped by Simon.

    “Hold on a second.” He grabbed her large bag and slung it over his shoulder. “You didn’t really think it was okay to bring in a bag filled with dangerous substances into a hospital right?”

    “Allow me to flip that perception and reveal that hospitals are already filled with dangerous substances. Formaldehyde, ammonia, heck, even rubbing alcohol are chock full of potential dangers.”


    “I mean, I already told you that my stuff is safe right?”



    “We’re leaving it at the receptionist’s desk.”


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