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Thread: The Mainland

    [The Pioneer]: ‘Sup players? Seeing as I’ve unlocked this for y’all I’m gonna go ahead and take the first post XD. I’ll be explaining what I’ve learned about the mainland, and how to get there. Just so you know I’m sharing this information because the mainland is HUGE and I need some people to help explore (send me a PM if you’re interested in joining me). 

    Let’s talk about the starting area first though. The starting towns, Foria, Wuuly, Svelt and Mizar are all located in the Basaria country, which is a piece of land separated from the mainland. Kinda like Australia or Japan. 

    Svelt is the place you want to go. No doubt everyone who started there has already figured out that it’s connected to the mainland with ships going back and forth. To actually cross over though you need to fulfill a few things. First, level 30 and first class upgrade. Second is a ‘Rem’bell Boarding Pass’ which is gotten by doing quests around Svelt (you build up reputation and the town mayor issues them out) (also Rem’bell is the name of the mainland). Third is convincing a captain to let you on to their ship which varies from person to person (my advice is to find the drunk ones. Get some good drinks and you got ez sailing).

    Btw just saying that level 30 thing is the minimum, but I’d recommend 40 or something because there are sea monsters, and let me tell you, they are TERRIFYING. Maybe one of my party members will make a post about it, but I really don’t want to think about being dragged into the ocean again.

    Anyway, I got a basic map from one of the locals here and turns out the Australia analogy is kinda accurate, because the mainland is like the rest of Earth’s countries combined into one. I’d send a pic, but we don’t have screenshot options yet QQ. 

    So yeah, that’s all from me for now. I’ll be keeping some information to myself (cuz y’know, benefits and all that) and maybe I’ll start up a new thread when I get more info. Good luck everyone!

  • [Iron Bear]: Okay first, thanks for the info. My party’s moving over to Svelt now. Second, how DARE you get ahead of us so fast!
    • [The Pioneer]: You snooze you lose XD
  • [Spirit’s Chosen]: Thank you very much Pioneer. Can we get an idea of the power level of the monsters there?
    • [The Pioneer]: Lowest mobs are 40. Saw a few 60 elites casually roaming around. This place is crazy.
  • [The Wanderer]: Damn I thought I’d be the first. Guess it’s pointless to hide now that we all know the ‘official’ channel. There’s an alternate route to get there (that I’m actually taking as I write this). This game has airships. FREAKING AIRSHIPS! In a small place somewhere between Mizar and Foria is a scientist in his lab. Do a quest for him (pretty hard, recommend 3 man party of 25 at least) and he’ll let you use his private airship when he heads back.
        I’ll be clear, I’m already on the airship with the scientist with me. I don’t know when he’ll head back to Basaria, or when he’ll travel to Rem’bell again but this is a different route I found.
    • [The Pioneer]: Aw R.I.P. Better luck next time I guess. Wanna join my expedition?
      • [The Wanderer]: If you’ll have me, sure lol
    • [Florabane]: Kek, I’m taking a dwarf tunnel to the mainland
      • [The Pioneer]: Can I get more details on this?

Thread: Class Advancements

    [Eyes of Fear]: Hello, I’ve been wanting to share this info for a while, and the PMB is a great place to do so. I’ll be listing all the classes known, and their upgrades (along with a short description). So far we know there are at least 2 upgrades, one at level 25, and the next at level 50. I’m going to go ahead and take the liberty of naming them as such: Base classes are Tier 1, and subsequent advances are Tier 2, 3, etc. I’ll continue adding as people share info.

Edit 1: Some class trees overlap (ex: Warrior and Rogue tree share the Raider class) but there are differences with both stat allocation and skills learned. In addition, some skills from a different tree can be learned for that class. Taking the previous example a warrior can learn Stealth through the Raider class, while a Rogue can learn heavy weapon Arts.

Edit 2: Any class can use any weapon. Obviously an Archer wouldn’t be without their bow, but nothing is stopping a Mage from picking up a greatsword. Lots of weapon exclusive skills would become unavailable though. 

Edit 2.5: Apparently using an unconventional weapon with a class unlocks new possible skills. Please take this with a grain of salt, as it will need more people to confirm this.

Edit 3: Lots of people have been giving their T3 class upgrades (thank you everyone who’s contributed) and I’ve done my best to describe them according to what the commenters have learned from NPCs about their class. Many T3 descriptions are subject to change.

Edit 4: Okay Mages and Priests, I’m making a change to your trees. There’s so many variants based on elements and deities, so I’ll only describe the stages of upgrades (ex: Mage > Great Mage > Archmage) and subclasses which aren’t part of the general trend. Imagine a prefix before each stage describing your magic/deity (or else the list will get real messy real quick).

  • (T1) Warrior – Basic melee

    • (T2) Knight – High defense, can use heavy armor/weapons.
      • (T3) Great Knight – More Knight stuff
      • (T3) Lancer – Can use lances/polearms, etc. while mounted
      • (T3) Templar – Basically paladin, but more melee oriented. (Shared with Priest tree)

    • (T2) Skirmisher – Many weapon Arts, mobile, kind of squishy
      • (T3) Fencer – Fast light weapons user. Lots of combos (Shared with Rogue and Archer tree)
      • (T3) Raider – Basically a tankier rogue. More DPS, less burst. (Shared with Rogue tree)
      • (T3) Swordsman – Based heavily on Sword Arts and passives for swords

    • (T2) Marauder – Heavy weapons specialist
      • (T3) Destroyer – Sacrifices a lot of defense for pure power (Shared with Barbarian tree)
      • (T3) Warden – High defense, low mobility. (Shared with Mage tree)

  • (T1) Pugilist – Melee fighter that uses only their body.

    • (T2) Crusher – Uses blunt weapons, as well as body. (Shared with Barbarian tree)

    • (T2) Monk – Disciplined fighter with many schools of fighting.
      • Known Schools: Drunken Fist, Kensei, Shadow, Balance, Tempered Soul
        • (T3) Most variants are based on known school with Master added after (ex: Drunken Fist Monk becomes Drunken Fist Master).

    • (T2) Martial Artist – A high focus on Arts and passive skills. 
      • (T3) Spirit Dancer – Summons spirits to weave into their attacks (Shared with Mage and Performer tree)
      • (T3) Qi Master – Specializes into close range and self buffs
      • (T3) Force Master – Specializes into ranged attacks with Arts

  • (T1) Barbarian – Tanky, Burly, Muscles.

    • (T2) Berserker – Has a rage mode which will massively boost power. Great at endurance battles.
      • (T3) Destroyer – Sacrifices a lot of defense for pure power (Shared with Warrior tree)
      • (T3) Zealot – Powerful attacks infused with divine might. (Shared with Priest tree)
      • (T3) Battlerager – Extremely high attack power. Can apparently keep fighting after death?

    • (T2) Crusher – Uses blunt weapons, as well as body. (Shared with Pugilist tree)

    • (T2) Totem Warrior – Summons totems to buff themselves and allies.

  • (T1) Rogue – Typical sneakthief. Has a lot of subclasses.

    • (T2) Thief – Steals things. Made for stealth
      • (T3) Spellthief – Uses magic, and can steal(?) spells (Shared with Mage tree)
      • (T3) Shadowwalker – Even more stealth. Can manipulate shadows
      • (T3) Infiltrator – Uses social skills and subtle mental manipulation to infiltrate areas.

    • (T2) Assassin – Extremely high burst damage, extremely low health
      • (T3) Soul Blade – Summons a magical weapon to get past defenses
      • (T3) Moonlight Assassin – Increases stealth capabilities and pretty much everything else at night.
      • (T3) Shinobi – A ninja.

    • (T2) Outlaw – A good mix of stealth, melee and ranged attacks.
      • (T3) Raider – Basically a tankier rogue. More DPS, less burst. (Shared with Warrior tree)
      • (T3) Corsair – Based on seafaring pirates, can navigate difficult terrain and also use guns.
      • (T3) Gunslinger – Guns. Enough said. (Shared with Archer tree)

    • (T2) Scout – Specializes in tracking and hunting (Shared with Archer tree)
      • (T3) Fencer – Fast light weapons user. Lots of combos (Shared with Warrior and Archer tree)
      • (T3) Sharpshooter – Long range, high damage (Shared with Archer tree)
      • (T3) Rider – Mounted fighters that can move about the battlefield incredibly quickly.

  • (T1) Mage – Casts spells and such.

    • (T2) Grand Mage – Stronger mage, can cast more spells.
      • (T3) Archmage – Even stronger mage, and can cast more spells.
    • Note: There are far too many variations on the schools of magic they can learn, what with elements, combined elements, and other magic based classes. This being the case they will not be listed here, and instead a new thread will be formed for this topic.

    • (T2) Battlemage – Melee fighter that can cast spells
      • (T3) Spellblade – A balanced mix of Spells and Arts
      • (T3) Arcane Archer – Shoots out spells with their arrows (Shared with Mage tree)
      • (T3) Warden – High defense, low mobility. (Shared with Warrior tree)

    • (T2) Druid – Casts magic using the power in nature
      • (T3) Spirit Dancer – Summons spirits to weave into their attacks (Shared with Monk and Performer tree)
      • (T3) Terramancer – Manipulates the earth to create devastating area attacks.
      • (T3) Tamer – Tames wild animals and can enhance their power.

    • (T2) Warlock – Mage that’s made a contract with another entity.
      • Note: There is no known T3 class for this set, but their power grows as they continue to adhere to their contract.

  • (T1) Archer – Ranged attackers that use bows and the like.

    • (T2) Scout – Specializes in tracking and hunting (Shared with Rogue tree)
      • (T3) Sharpshooter – Long range, high damage (Shared with Rogue tree)
      • (T3) Pathfinder – Excels at navigating any terrain. Has an animal companion.
      • (T3) Nightwalker – Great for exploring caves/dark areas. Can use stealth.

    • (T2) Ranger – A mix of melee and ranged attacks.
      • (T3) Fencer – Fast light weapons user. Lots of combos (Shared with Warrior and Archer tree)
      • (T3) Headhunter – Uses many tools and has bonuses when hunting humans (or humanoid races)
      • (T3) Arcane Archer – Shoots out spells with their arrows (Shared with Mage tree)

    • (T2) Heavy Bowman – Learns to use longbows and heavy armor. Slow, but powerful.
      • (T3) Arbalester – Uses crossbows and has extreme range and power.
      • (T3) Cannoneer – Uses heavy weapons and explosives
      • (T3) Gunslinger – Guns. Enough said. (Shared with Rogue tree)
  • (T1) Priest – Our beloved healers. Abilities and subclasses depend highly on the deity they choose to worship.

    • (T2) High Priest – Stronger priest, may open up new subclasses depending on the deity.
      • (T3) Archpriest – Even stronger priest, may open up new subclasses depending on the deity.

    • (T2) Battlepriest – A priest specialized in close combat
      • (T3) Paladin – Has high defense and uses lots of buffs and heals.
      • (T3) Zealot – Powerful attacks infused with divine might. (Shared with Barbarian tree)
      • (T3) Crusader – Mounted combatant that focuses on AoE buffs. Gets a complementary mount.

  • (T1) Rune Meister – Another mage-like class, but uses Runes to cast spells.

    • (T2) Rune Knight – Focuses on runes to buff self
    • (T2) Rune Scribe – Focuses on combining rune effects
    • (T2) Rune Magus – Focuses on increasing rune powers
  • (T1) Performer – Can dance, sing, and entertain the masses

    • (T2) Dancer – Dances to confuse enemies and increase allies morale
      • (T3) Spirit Dancer – Summons spirits to weave into their attacks (Shared with Pugilist and Mage tree)
      • (T3) Ritualist – Offers dances to please the gods (Shared with Priest tree)
      • (T3) Enchanter – Dazzles and captivates those who watch their dance.

    • (T2) Bard – Can sing or play instruments to buff allies with various effects
      • (T3) Charmer – Basically a tamer, but with songs and instruments.
      • (T3) Muse – Further expands on bard capabilities.
      • (T3) Musicior – Fights with unique hybrid weapons/instruments

    • (T2) Trickster – Has a lot of CC, but next to no attacking Arts/Spells
  • (T1) Merchant
    • Merchants don’t seem to have class advancements, but they have a lot of skills.
    • Merchants can reportedly learn any skill from any class, but it costs a lot of money.
      • This fact is confirmed. They can use any Skill/Spell book regardless of restrictions, but leveling up the gained Skill/Spell costs gold, which increases in cost exponentially

Thread: A Secret Faction in Foria?

    [Green Knight]: This is for the players who started in Foria. Others are free to join in, but please stay on topic.

    Lately I’ve been wondering if there’s a third faction in Foria. We all know that the Velories and Breckdens are fighting each other, but not all players have joined a side. It might be that they just don’t want to participate in all the fighting, but there seems to be an awful lot of them that chose not to, which is sort of suspicious?

    I’ve asked around and some others have noticed this as well, so we went around asking which faction players have joined. For some reason the ones that hadn’t joined either were all… female! Is there a secret girls club we don’t know about? I’m not really trying to expose anything, I’m just curious.

Edit: Answered by [Cudgel of Justice]. 

  • [Storm’s Wrath]: Not from Foria, but this is hilarious. Go girl power!
    • [Rainmaker]: You should totally hop on over. There’s going to be a huge PvP match in a week or so. It’ll be good for research on skills and stuff.
      • [Storm’s Wrath]: That’s actually a pretty good idea. Do you know if players from other towns can join?
        • [Rainmaker]: Yeah. My friend started in a different town and he could join.
      • [Eyes of Fear]: I’m going for sure. Going to start another thread on skills.
        • [Storm’s Wrath]: You’re the class advancement guy right? You absolute madlad, I salute you.
          • [Eyes of Fear]: *Bows*

  • [Cudgel of Justice]: I actually have confirmation from a friend in that ‘third faction’. They’re called the Primroses and it’s essentially a collection of the women in the town that chose to abstain from fighting. 
    • [Green Knight]: Thanks for the answer! Do you think they’ll join in on the fight?
      • [Cudgel of Justice]: Considering the faction was made from people who don’t want to fight, I really don’t think so. Maybe the players will though.
    • [The Brightest Light]: Off topic, but is your Myth really Cudgel of Justice? That’s amazing. Please share the story behind it.
      • [Cudgel of Justice]: My tutorial was an escort quest, and guess what weapon I was stuck with?
        • [The Brightest Light]: LOL
  • [Tiny Starlet]: Hmhm, snooping around and meeting other girls is super suspish.
    • [Green Knight]: Melun pls.

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  1. I quite like these kind of chapters. On top of being an interesting read; It really makes the world feel alive with all of the player interactions.


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