3. You Think This is Hard? This is Just the Tutorial Level!

After climbing up the stairs and reaching the first floor, Q went to the door she blockaded earlier and put her ear to it to listen for anything moving on the other side. She didn’t hear anything but the wind seeping in through the cracks between the door so she began to move the items she piled up out of the way. Just before removing the last item she kept the large dagger in her left hand and the small one in her mouth, just in case she would get ambushed. This turned out to be a brilliant idea since the moment she moved the last piece of furniture a wolf immediately barged through the door and leapt at her chest!

“Yewh damn crahfty bashterhds!” Q uttered with a stuffed mouth. With no time to spit out her other dagger she brought up her left hand and aimed it directly towards the wolf’s head. Q simply outstretched her arm and the wolf was stabbed perfectly due to its own momentum doing the work for her. Surprisingly, this simple move managed to kill it and she hastily pulled out her dagger. She had no time to relax though, as two more wolves dashed into the house to attack Q whose posture was ruined from the previous wolf’s attack.

Dodging backwards, Q attempted to avoid the wolves but ended up hitting her head on one of the pieces of furniture she moved earlier. Suppressing a scream she ended up biting down harder on the dagger and rolled to the right. She was lucky enough to avoid the wolf on the left, but the one on the right managed to bite onto her leg and began to drag her out the door! The other wolf she dodged earlier chose this time to attack as well. With no time to think Q stabbed the large dagger into the ground to use as an anchor, then spit the small dagger out of her mouth and stretched out her free hand, screaming, “[Spark]!”

A bright orange flash flew out of Q’s hand and struck the wolf charging towards her. The wolf’s fur immediately caught on fire and it yelped, thrashing wildly in pain which gave Q a chance to deal with the wolf which was still trying to drag her out the door. It was so focused on what it was doing that it didn’t notice the small dagger approaching its face until it hit its eye. With a yelp of its own, it loosened its jaw which allowed Q to set herself free. 

“My turn!” Q pounced at the wolf hit by her magic. With great difficulty it finally put out the fire on its fur and was then rewarded with another- “[Spark]!” It didn’t even have time to yelp as Q’s dagger was shoved deep inside its throat, making it explode in a swirl of leaves. 

Q found the last wolf glaring at her with its one remaining eye. For a moment she thought of charging towards it, but then got an idea and stretched out her arm. Aiming at the dagger embedded in its eye socket, Q yelled “[Spark]!” as the wolf simultaneously leapt. The orange flash flew from her hand and struck the dagger, sending a shock of magic through the wolf’s body. It stiffened for a moment, then burst into a pile of leaves.

“Jeez, is this really just a tutorial? These wolves are vicious…” Q winced at the now throbbing pain in her leg and bent down to retrieve her dagger as windows began to appear. 

“I gotta admit, the rewards are real nice though.” Q smiled as she read through the windows. “Actually with these extra attribute points I can bump up my strength and… there we go!” She retrieved the staff from her inventory and began to wave it around. “It’s a bit on the heavy side, but I’ll get used to it… after this wound heals.” She stared at her bitten leg. Although she was troubled with how to deal with the wound, upon inspecting it she realized it was actually starting to heal already! Q watched both the regenerating wound and her health bar, and it took only five minutes for it to completely heal. While she was glad she didn’t need to deal with the wound herself, she was also made aware that healing is incredibly important as receiving a wound like that in the midst of battle could potentially be fatal.

“Not like I have anything to heal myself with though…” Q was slightly miffed that the game hadn’t offered even a basic healing item to her yet.

Seeing as there wasn’t any immediate danger Q began to practice her staff moves, starting with the basics. Her body was slow and unsteady at first but as she got used to the weight of the staff her swings became harder and faster until eventually she was nearing the proficiency she had reached in real life. “Holy crap this body is strong.” Patting her own body in amazement she sat down and rested while looking over the items she received. Along with the claws and fangs, she had obtained a necklace which would give a nice boost to her stats.

“You’re being real generous with me game… Or is the end-game stuff just so much better than this?” Q pondered. Putting the necklace on she picked herself off the ground and began to leave the house, but was interrupted by a disembodied voice.

“That… is mine. My family’s… my father’s…”

Body tensed, Q whipped around to see a floating… thing in the air behind her. What appeared was something that appeared to be vaguely human made of mist with indistinguishable features. Though she couldn’t make out a face, Q had an idea of who it was. “Are you… skele-bro?”

“What?” The thing began to violently tremble before settling into what seemed like a pout. “No. I am… was?” It paused for a moment, “My name is Sanor. A member of the Unlac tribe. Not that it’s here anymore…”

“Right. So you are the skeleton in the basement. My name’s Q.” She set the staff on the ground and began to talk. “Not to be rude or anything, but why are you still here? Got some regrets to clear up? Or… do you want your stuff back? Because I gave you a spoon and I’m pretty sure that’s a fair trade.” All of her initial wariness had disappeared once she realized this was someone she could talk to and reason with.

“Fair trade!?” Sanor’s form shook violently, almost completely dissipating into mist. “No…no… keep it together. Yeah, stay together…” He reformed with a harsh glare. “Please, let me speak first.”

With an amused look Q nodded as she thought about the incredibly realistic way this NPC spoke. The way this guy is speaking… Either he’s special and has a lot of dialogue, or the game devs actually gave all the NPCs partial sentience, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me… Her thoughts were broken when Sanor continued to talk.

“If you’ve been in the basement I assume you’ve read my diary, correct?” Seeing another nod from Q he continued, “Then you know of the fact that my entire clan was wiped out.”

“Yeah. I was wondering how that happened.” Q plopped down on one of the pieces of furniture. “In your diary it said that the Urka clan attacked you, but by the end it sounded like you guys ended up destroying yourselves from using the… mysterious power or whatnot.”

“Yes.” Sanor’s form drooped down until it was on the floor. “The Urka. Even to this day I don’t know how they learned to use the black fire.” At the mention of this Q’s eyes gleamed for a moment, but she remained silent as Sanor resumed speaking. “The fire was not fierce, nor was it particularly hot, but it… consumed the strength of our warriors. The flames spread only among the living and completely ignored our houses or belongings. Those completely consumed by it…” Sanor’s form shuddered for a moment, “This much was still something we could handle, as our spirit flashes could still fight against it.”

“Spirit flashes? You mean [Spark] right?” Q casually cast the spell which dissipated into thin air, completely shocking Sanor.

“W-what? You… how can you…”

“It was written in the book in your basement. Nevermind all that, keep talking about what happened next.” Q ignored Sanor and urged him to resume his story.

“I-you… fine. You will explain to me how you learned it after.” Sanor cleared his throat (not that he had one) and sunk into his story. “This all changed once one of the elders suggested calling upon our guardian spirits for protection. At first our warriors objected, claiming they would be able to fight off the Urka, but their families… were scared. Those that were consumed eventually turned into dark withered husks that spread out into ashes. It was horrifying… not only that, but it was also disrespectful to our warriors as they would not be able to have a proper burial afterwards. Because of this my people eventually agreed to call upon our guardians to protect us.”

“I’m guessing that was the ‘plan’ the elders had in mind. What are these guardians?”

“They were large, hulking beings of moss and stone. Every step they took shook the ground, and their attacks destroyed everything in their path.”

That explains the flattened buildings I saw before… Q recalled the entire area that had turned into a battlefield and could imagine the sheer amount of destruction these things could have caused. “Alright, I’m just going to use my imagination as to why these things eventually turned on your people. Instead I want to ask you two things, one: are they still alive? And Two: What is it that you want me to do?”

As if trying to process the fact that Q accelerated the conversation, Sanor swayed left and right for a few moments before finally regaining himself. “Are there any left? Yes. Just one. The biggest, largest one.” Sanor began to tremble in what seemed to be rage. “I remember it very clearly as it crushed… No. That’s not important. What is important is that it’s still alive. The rest were destroyed in the intense fighting between both clans. As for your second question… I want you to destroy it.”

“Right… so you want a complete stranger of questionable origins to destroy a giant stone creature which wiped out two powerful clans for a personal grudge, is that it?”

“I… I understand that it’s too much.” Sanor seemed to start dissipating into nothingness. “I’m sorry for asking too much of you. I’ll-”

“Hm? I’ll still do it though.”


“I said I’ll do it.” Q grinned as a large window appeared in front of her.

New Quest!
Defeat the Last Guardian
Projected Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Sanor has asked you to defeat the last of the guardians which destroyed his clan. Defeat it, and return his spirit to peace.

    “Are you sure? This is a very dangerous thing that-”

    “Hey come on, don’t back down now after saying that much. Besides, I’ve got a feeling that this is exactly what I need to do here. Y’see, I’ve got some special circumstances,” grinning, Q pointed to her eyes, “and I figure that, as an astralite I should help you out here.”

    “Ah… ahhhhhh! Lady Stellaria, you have not truly abandoned us yet! I thank you profusely for this light you send me!” Sanor’s form flew high into the air and began to do what seemed like a dance. Eventually he calmed down and got really close to Q. “With your ‘mythology’ you’ll definitely be able to defeat it!”

    “Woah hold on, that sounds important.” Q cut in. “What the heck is a mythology?”

    “What is…? Oh no… could it possibly be that you were just born?!”

    “Uh, that’s a weird way to put it, but yes.”

    Sanor suddenly dropped onto the ground and lay there motionless, muttering, “It’s over… the astralite doesn’t have a myth, there’s no way to defeat it…” 

The sudden flip of emotions from hope to despair temporarily bewildered Q, but she soon got a hold of herself and attempted to slap Sanor, only to have her hand simply pass through. Pondering for a moment, she mentally apologized to Sanor and then cast [Spark], sending a flash of lightning that coursed through Sanor’s body that caused him to contort and scream out in pain. 

“AAAAGH! Why? Why would you do that? It hurt!” 

“I did it because you’re being a real negative Nancy and I don’t appreciate that. I didn’t even try yet and you’re already in despair, and that’s kind of annoying. You can’t give up without trying first, right? Is that what your family would have wanted?” 

“I… no. They would have told me to fight until the end.” Sanor’s body trembled, and almost as if it was resembling his own will, his spectral form solidified and become more distinct. 

“Right. So tell me about these ‘myths’, and let’s come up with a plan to beat down that guardian!” 



    True to the name of the game, Myriad Mythologies had a special system implemented into it, which was simply called the ‘Myth’ system. The developers had worked long and hard on it, and almost in complete disproportion to the amount of work put into it, the system was very simple and constituted of two things.

    First: The game would record the player’s actions and create a ‘myth’

    Second: The player would obtain a unique ability based on their ‘myth’

    Depending on what an astralite did, their myth would vary. Whether it was a warrior who led the charge in a glorious battle, or a kind hearted soul who helped people around them, both their actions and the people who witnessed them would give birth to a new ‘myth’. Though it sounds simple, not just any action would produce a myth as it depended highly on the significance of what they were doing, both to the astralite, and to the people watching them. 

    As to the benefit of these myths, they are as varied as the myths themselves. In the previous example, the warrior who led the charge may have obtained the myth of ‘Spearhead’, which would increase their power when leading a group. The kind hearted soul may have obtained the myth of ‘Altruism’, which would increase their popularity with people, alongside other things. 

    The myths act like extra skills, but they are far more significant than that. Often times myths would form the basis of an astralite’s power, since their strength and versatility would increase as the astralite grew. Not only that, but it was quite common for an astralite to obtain multiple myths as their actions spread across the continent, sometimes even gaining a myth without doing anything purposefully. 

    All of this was being explained by Sanor as Q listened with rapt interest. “I see… so you’re saying that because I have no myth, it’ll be nearly impossible to take down the guardian since my power is low without one?”

    “Yes. I am sorry to say, but…”

    “Jeez, you’re kind of dumb aren’t you Sanor?”

    “Huh?!” Sanor felt rage begin to bubble inside of him, but it was instantly blown away as Q continued speaking.

    “If I don’t have a myth, I just need to make one.” Wearing a fearless grin, Q put her hands on her hips and took on a courageous stance. “Don’t you think I could make one heck of a myth by beating that guardian?”

    Upon seeing that smile, Sanor felt a strange confidence well up inside him, and he felt a deeper understanding of why people believed in astralites so much. “‘No matter how dark it is, they will guide the way to the light…’” He muttered as if reciting something he heard a long time ago. “Alright then… if you’re that confident, then I have no choice but to put my faith in you.”

    “Damn straight!” Q burst out laughing, and Sanor joined her, as they talked for a long time even after the sun went down. 


    “Nnngh!” Q stretched out her body after waking up from a long night. After finally instilling some confidence in Sanor, she learned many things from him. Not only did she learn the weakness of the guardians, but also some secret techniques of the Unlac clan. According to Sanor there wasn’t any point in them being secret anymore, so Q graciously accepted his instructions. After all that she went to sleep using whatever she could find for bedding. She found it odd that she felt so refreshed after sleeping in such a shoddy place, and felt even more so after realizing that she wasn’t feeling hungry at all. I guess this is just a perk of being in the tutorial huh? Anyway, now it’s time to take down that guardian.

    With preparations complete, Q headed out the door with a pumped up Sanor in tow. The two began heading towards the center of the village where Sanor claimed the last guardian was sleeping. An eerie wind blew through the area, causing Q to stop in place. “Say Sanor… have you ever encountered any of the Red Spirits? Or anything else in this place for that matter?”

    “No. My consciousness was hazy for so long. It was only after you showed up that I started to piece myself together. But there shouldn’t be anything else here in the ruins!”

    “Is that so?” Q pointed in front of her. “Then what the heck is that?” A trio of black wolves appeared from a swirl of leaves. 

    [Black Spirit] – Level 5

    [Black Spirit] – Level 5

    [Black Spirit] – Level 7

    “Wh-what!? Those… what are they?” Sanor felt a chill go down his nonexistent spine.

    “Long story short, weird wind plus leaves equals spirits. Are you going to participate? Because if not, I suggest you find somewhere to hide.”

    “Those… must be summoned from the balf-wind. That is, the wind you’re talking about. Will you be alright by yourself?” 

    “Heheh.” With an excited gleam in her eyes, she stared down the spirits which were now snarling at her. “The first time I was caught off guard, the second time I was ambushed… but this time… I’m ready to fight!” She pulled out her staff and charged at the wolves.

    Two wolves split off to her left and right while the center one shifted its weight to its hind legs and opened its mouth as it faced the sky. Getting a bad feeling Q immediately dove to the side as the wolf brought its head down, spitting out a ball of black fire! 

    “That fire! That’s what the Urka used against us!” Sanor yelled out from somewhere behind Q. She didn’t have time to respond as the other two wolves closed in on her.

    Wasting no time Q extended her staff to strike the closest one, hitting it directly in the side of its head. Instead of swinging her staff around to meet the other wolf, she chose to run to the other side of her staff and used it to thrust towards the first wolf’s head again. At the same time she cast [Spark] and gave it a kick in its side for good measure, both for damage and for distancing herself from the second wolf trying to attack her from behind. 

    With a bit of a tumble on the floor Q easily righted herself only to be faced with another ball of black fire heading her way. Ignoring Sanor’s distressed cries Q firmly shoved her staff into the ground and used it as a pole vault to leap over the flame. Upon landing she brought her staff down hard onto the very first wolf she attacked, finally finishing it off. Not done quite yet Q whirled around using the staff as a barrier between her and the wolf that came swiping at her. She skillfully utilized the staff’s weight to ward off each of its attacks, returning a [Spark] every time she did. 

    With its health dwindling the wolf roared and its mouth began to fill with black flames. Instead of pointing its head towards the sky it looked straight down and released its flames on the ground causing them to spread all around it. Clicking her tongue Q backed off, but not before throwing one of her daggers and sending out a [Spark] alongside it. The moment the dagger came into contact with the wolf the spark also caught up causing a bright flash. The wolf exploded into a pile of leaves, but Q’s attention was focused on the enormous black fireball heading towards her. 

    Apparently, those can be charged! Q backpedaled as fast as she could to avoid the brunt of the damage and ended up having to resort to using one of the new skills she learned from Sanor, [Stormbird’s Flight]. A mysterious force began to lift Q’s body into the air and she flew up high enough that she was able to avoid the attack, but ended up having to strike at the empty air as a result of the skills effect. Once she landed, Q looked towards the last wolf which finally stood up on all fours. Instead of opening its mouth again the wolf began to charge its flames while it was closed, causing black fire to pour out of its mouth and cover its entire body.

“Oh give me a break.” Q muttered. She decided to keep her distance from the wolf and began whittling it down with Sparks, but of course the wolf wouldn’t have any of that. It suddenly leapt forward with ferocious speed with the black fire threatening to jump out at Q. After being pushed this far, Q took a deep breath and stepped forward while saying, “[Rising Storm]!”

Q’s body moved on its own, spinning around a few times with the staff to gain momentum and then suddenly brought it up in an extremely powerful uppercut which actually managed to send the wolf flying up a few meters. Noticing that her move had actually interrupted the wolf’s black flame, she pulled out her dagger and slid on the ground, giving it a huge gash while sliding underneath it. The wolf landed hard on the ground and was completely disoriented, giving Q a chance to finally stab it in the head. With the final wolf dead Q let out a sigh of relief, but she didn’t even get to look at her battle rewards as the ground shook and…

[Ancient Guardian] – Level ??

…A giant creature of moss and stone rose out of the ground.

Skill Details
[Dagger Mastery]: Indicates your proficiency with dagger weapons. The higher the level the more easily you can use daggers and learn skills related to them.
[Throwing Mastery]: Indicates your proficiency with throwing weapons. The higher the level the more easily you can use throwing weapons and learn skills related to them.
Art Details
[Gathering Storm]: A large overhead swing resulting in a strike akin to a lightning bolt.
[Rising Storm]: A brief windup  followed up by a powerful uppercut that has a chance to stun enemies on impact.
[Stormbird’s Flight]: A midair strike which allows the user to glide in the air for a moment before delivering a moderate hit.
Unlac Tribal Necklace (Magical)
The Unlac warriors took the teeth of their kills and pulled a string through them, creating these decorative necklaces which represented their strength and capability. This particular necklace has many wolves teeth, and even one from a strange creature…
+3 STR, +7 CON, +5 SL
Has a small chance of causing bleed with physical attacks.

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A/N: I actually read Valhalla Saga (decent read) and thought that it had a super cool power system so it’s made an appearance here. It won’t copy it exactly, but for ease of understanding, Myths are basically titles with jacked up effects.

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